Quick Cache Multisite


I am trying out Quick Cache on a WordPress 3.2 Multisite.

Quick Cache does support multisite. When enabling the plugin, I selected, “Network Enable”.

I installed and configured the plugin by following the readme file and using most of the default options.

When you view source in your browser, Quick Cache should add a line to the bottom of the file to indicate that it is working. However, I don’t see this line anywhere so I am not sure if it is working.


* Quick Cache Network Enabeled.

* wp-config.php has define(‘WP_CACHE’, true);

* Quick Cache set to on.

* Viewing source while logged out of wordpress (as cache turned off for logged in users).

I have tried everything with no luck. Any ideas? Once thing I am not too sure of is if I should “Network Enable” or just “Enable”?