Random Groups not needed how do I replace it?

In blogs-mu the random groups appear on the homepage and on the activity, members, groups, forums and blogs page. It is a bit confusing how this works because when I remove


$fetch_group_mode = get_option(‘tn_blogsmu_home_feat_group_id’:wink:;

if($fetch_group_mode == ”:wink: {


} else {




It only remove the groups from the home page and not the random groups on the above pages. I see that it must be hard coded into the functions.php.

I would like to replace it with something else. Maybe “Who’s online Avatars” but it would be nice to only have that widget on some of the member’s specific pages and maybe replace the ones on the home page under “Checkout our growing community network, why not get yours today?” with something else.

Is this possible?