Re: activating Pay per view…

This is my email from yesterday: “Hello, I have just installed the plugin and have configured my general settings. Now I am in my pages and posts – I have created these previous to downloading the plug in. I see on the pages & posts how to set a unit price to make each page content protected.But my question is this. I want to charge pay per view for the whole site so am I still meant to fill in the unit price? And if so with what information? Thanks.”

This is Michelle’s answer: Heya, F!

“You can set up the main price in the Pay Per View settings, which will apply on any post/page/content in which you have PPV active. The individual post settings can be used if the default value isn’t appropriate for that particular piece of content.

If you’ve got a default price in the settings, and you don’t need to change that price for the post your editing, you can leave that field alone and PPV will use the default price.”

I have set the price of PPV for 21 days and enabled follow global settings in my posts & pages…and yet….when I go to my website in the real world it is still fully accessible to everyone – i.e. the pages/ posts are not protected.

What am I doing wrong?