Reciprocal Link Plugin


Could you guys please develop a reciprocal link plugin (something along the lines of WP Link Directory)? It would be a great link building tool. I’m certain others would find it useful too.

I don’t think there is necessarily anything original about the plugin I have in mind, but I’m not aware of anything close that works with WPMU. Features would include:

URL Submission

1. Generate a “Submit URL” page.

2. Collect Contact Name, Email, URL, Anchor Text (e.g., Site Name), Reciprocal URL, Directory Category, Description and possibly a screenshot of the frontpage from user.

3. Visit Reciprocal URL to verify backlink.

4. Provide option for Premium listing with recurring PayPal payment.

5. Send Confirmation to user.

Link Page

1. Generate a “Links” page.

2. Display Categories and link count in each.

3. Upon drilling down on a category, display anchor text, description and image (if available).


1. Rotate premium listings randomly

2. If no premium listings, rotate free listings randomly


1. Manage categories

2. Set prices and maximum number of premium links to accept

3. Add links manually

4. Verify reciprocal links on the fly

Perhaps this could even be integrated with the upgrades plugin.