Recommended WordPress installation in a Windows environment?

I have had it with Linux. If you’re curious why, please see:

In any case, I’d been working with WordPress on a LAMP stack because I know Apache likes LAMP better. My current WAMP stack has Apache crashing from time-to-time, which isn’t acceptable.

But is there a recommended WordPress stack for Windows? Is it IIS, is it something else I should consider. What are best practices for running WP on Windows?

Yes, a fallback plan is to run it on a Turnkey Linux distro in a VM, but I’d kind of like to just get out of the Linux rat race permanently, if possible.

Side note: I need to have drop-box and most out-of-the-box Linux distros don’t support Dropbox, so a random ISP-provided, C-Panel variant won’t really work for me. Unless you happen to know of a highly reliable Dropbox alternative that works well with a solid LAMP distro.