Recruiting site suggestions

A good friend of mine is a recruiter in the insurance industry and asked me to help him with his new web site. Seeing that I’m a WP guy, I’m trying to figure out if it’ll be possible. There’s just a few too many facets for me to keep straight, so I’m getting this out there both for suggestions and a way for me to get my brain dumped.


Pay per job listing or via an unlimited membership (monthly or annually) – I’m thinking any of the various membership plugins for the membership option, but not sure how to do a pay per post as well

Job listings would have plain text (post text field) and a variety of criteria (using CustomPress). Upon posting a new job, would be great to see candidates who match based on CustomPress selections. Not sure how to do that.

Ability to search profiles of candidates who have signed up. Not sure how to do that.

When a job posting is closed, an email is automatically generated with a feedback survey. Not sure on this one.

On each position, a contact/apply form. This should be easy.


He’s targeting “passive candidates”, basically people with jobs who are mostly just curious. So registration should be dead simple. I’m thinking a Facebook and LinkedIn option would be nice, so probably Janrain (Gigya is a bit pricey).

After registration, an additional profile option where they can input more data. I’m envisioning this as a Post using CustomPress. I’m not sure how to set things up so a registered user can create just one post though.

A search for jobs section where a candidate can search based on plain text and criteria from CustomPress. I’m having someone develop a plugin for this part. It would be great, but I have no idea where to start, to have this search be save-able and/or auto-emailed when new positions come up that match.

Anybody done or seen anything similar to any of this that might have some suggestions?

Thanks for any advice.