Redirect Questions and Features

Ok, I needed some redirections done after Log in and Log out of one of the membership sites. So I activated the Add-On Redirect Control and it turns out that works on Log Out but does not on Log In.(Or at least there was an issue and was only working on one of the previous mentioned instances)

Then I realized that there is a lot of pages that I would like my Membership Subscribers no to Access (Membership List) (Thank-You) (Account) etc. I could not find a way to solve this within the plug-in (?????). (It would seem that a feature like that would be a cornerstone of a product as good as this one! :[ )

So basically here is what I want to do, please illustrate me if I can do this with the Membership 2 Pro Plugin

1. all non-logged in users to be redirected to a defined page: (CUSTOM URL)

2. all 404 Errors to non-logged in be redirected to a defined page: (CUSTOM URL)

3. all Membership 2 Pro pages (account, thank you, membership-list, protected content, registration) to be redirected to the homepage: (CUSTOM URL)

4 . Probably other redirections from default wordpress pages (Archive, etc) to a CUSTOM URL

If not, is there any other plugin by wpmu dev or other factory that would do what I need ?

Thanks very much, any help would be really appreciated.