Redirection after login to original page

Hi. I don’t get it! I tried this now on your ‘extremely user-friendly’ plugin for 2 days…

1. I have protected a page, /tullow/ which is accessible to the membership ‘tullow’, only.

2. When I call the page, I want a login form to appear. It does. User logs in as ‘tullow’.

3. Now, I want the user to be automatically redirected to the page ‘tullow’ (afterall, he is now logged in). I don’t want him to go to any other page. This, it doesn’t do. It always redirects to the page as set in Settings Protected Content: Displayed when a user cannot access the requested page. Why?? Have I set something wrong?

There is no place to redirect the user after login to the original protected page, or is there?

What am I doing wrong?