regarding- .I am having


.I am having an on going issue with broken links, and its really putting me in a bad position with the delays in launching this website. I’ve been through 4 repair sessions with hostgator now, spent hours with them. They tell they have searched everything, repaired anything they thought was in question, and say everything looks just fine on their end. They are telling me that it must be a theme issue .

As the specific page, it seems to be totally random, but often when you click on a page you get the “this page is not available” message. Then if you re-click the page comes up fine. Sometimes everything work fine on the site, but then just a few minutes later the problem is back. I have had 4 different techs look at this.

Also, in the firefox browser I sometimes get this message ” the page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression” . This also only appear on your first attempt to access the page.

This also sometimes happens in original attempt to reach the page.

My merchant account won’t approve me because they experience the same issues in attempting to verify my website.

Please help me fix this. I am very frustrated, and under the gun to get this site going.