/register page is being blocked

Good Morning,

I am almost certain this is an easy fix, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what the deal is. I am green so it could be something very basic I am not understanding about setup.

Running WordPress 3.0.5

Buddypress 1.2.7

Membership premium 1.0.5

I setup all my levels and subscriptions using Membership. Pretty simple, free membership signup online, 7 days later they change levels to have access to the whole site assuming they have paid the club fee in person.

When I activated everything worked as planned except that strangers were getting the “You do not have permission to access this content page” when attempting to register for a free membership.

In my permission setup I could not locate where you define rules for /register so I tried a bunch of things with no success. Finally I removed all permissions making the site 100% accessible, yet with Membership activated I was still getting blocked from the /register signup form.

In the documentation it says that if you are providing free membership that you can use the default registration page instead of creating one with the [subscriptionform] tag. which is what I am doing.

In Membership > Options I have registration page set to “none” as /register/ does not show up as an option

I have “anyone can register” checked.

Be happy to provide screenshots – just need to know what needs to be seen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.