Register Page redirecting to Subscriptions and Accounts page

I’m having an issue with your membership plugin. When I go to Options -> Membership pages tab I can see a list of all of the pages for the various parts of my site (Register/subscription/account/protected content etc…:wink:

When I set a page for any of these and select view page it brings me to the correct page. However I am having issues with the Register page. I’ve clicked the “Create Page” button and it has generated a new page called “Register”. The permalink for this page is: http://incomebrokers.tld/register/ when I click edit page it pops up the correct page and I can make edits. If I click to view page it brings up the subscription page….every time. I deleted the subscription page and now it brings up the account page. This is a very frustrating issue and I hope it can be resolved.