Remove option redundancy in multisite

As I add more plugins to my multisite I am increasing the amount of redundant options.

For instance, Right now I have 3 plugins that require facebook app Id. I am thinking to myself about the support nightmare this is going to be and ways to avoid it.

I am leaning towards the idea of hiding all the plugins options pages and then having my own master options page. When user set options on my page the code will go and set it everywhere it needs to be set.

The majority of settings won’t need to be changed after my default configuration so this will make the system so much easier to use as it will remove probably about 80% of the options.

I have been doing lots of googling but have not found a single mention of anyone attempting the same thing which makes me wonder if this is going to be too problematic.

I assume all admin settings pages will be using add_option(). Is there a quick way to to find out from admin page what the option being saved is without having to trawl though the code?

I am thinking I would create my own option, for example facebook app Id. Then I would create an action hook for when it is set that will update all the various places it needs to go.

Are there any plugins that do this already or anything I could use to make this task easier?