REQ: What is the easiest way for user account creation with marketpress?


Hey, my first support ticket – lol.

Plugin: Marketpress.

Issue: Okay, I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest way for the user to get an account whilst purchasing a product.

At present, we have the option to select “Force Login”. That is great and all, but for the user who hasn’t got an account he/she has to register which takes them away from shopping cart.

Also, on the mp_show_cart() function

case 'account-creation':
$content .= $settings['msg']['shipping'];
$content .= _mp_cart_shipping(true);

This doesn’t create an account, and also on the shipping page: /store/shopping-cart/shipping/

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At no point in the buying process does a purchase create an account unless the user himself creates an account before hand ???

I could be wrong of course, but reading through the code couldn’t find anything that creates an account once user purchases something. This is rather flawed. It’s fine for non-account purchases, but horrible for standard behavior of carts to create an account so user doesn’t have to input all info etc next time.

I do know you are saving info in session / cookie, but that doesn’t help a week / month / year down the line? Does it?

If you look at the jigoshop, there front end checkout system is really nice, includes login form for existing users, and users without account adds username / password fields to form and once purchase goes through it creates user and automatically logs user in to his account and directs him to his account page. Very cool indeed.

So Ticket Questions:

Q1: Is this basic account creation functionality going to be added to marketpress?

Q2: If not, what is the developers recommended way for me to add this in?

Thanks guys,