Request : Event registration for BP Group Calendar


Hi all,

I’m completely new here, and just started to use WPMU Dev plugins and themes (Oh, and BTW, I’m french, so excuse any bad english in my messages).

I’m really amazed by some of them, great work.

BD Group Calendar is a must have. It integrates very well in BP, and add some functions that should have been natively in BP :wink:.

Email notifications of new events is a great option too.

But, for the use I want to have of this plugin, there is a great lack in it, I think : It misses users registration on events !

Thus, for the moment, I can’t use it, and will continue with the “Advanced Events Registration” WP plugin (even if I have no need of paypal payments). But using it, I can’t add events to groups, I can only have one public calendar.

So my request would be to have the ability for groups members only to register to any events in their groups (or to decline participation). Like it works on Facebook I guess. Group members could see the attendants list, and I (as the admin) could download this list from somewhere.

A good option (for me) would be also to give the opportunity to group members to invite some people for any events, for example by giving name and email of the invited person.

Is there any luck that this functionnality could be added to BP Group Calendar in a near future ? How could I help to have it developed ?

Thanks for your answer.