Request for Page and link creation from within wpmu admin


Not sure if this request has already been submitted, or if there is plugins that do exactly what I mention below… if so, please direct me to the plugins.

My Wish List;

I would love to have the option to create pages within the admin section of my wpmu as well as add links in the left menu that go with them. Right now I have to hard code to do this, and of course keep a log of all files I edit and then re upload them once we have updates to wpmu.

For example I had to edit the menu file to add my own links for pages I create for video tutorials. It is a better way for me to present the videos to my customers in their back admin’s

It would be so cool to have a create page option that auto creates the links in the left menu along with options to add my own icons or use available icons.. it would be even cooler if I was able to add subpages as most of the other links have as well, therefore creating the submenus under the main menu. And rather then auto create the links, it would be ideal if one could edit the way the words in the links look, so they can stand out from the other links, which would come in handy when you introduce a new page all of a sudden.. Like bold and colored words that are linking to the new pages with the option to name the link anything you want.

Extra functions to add to the newly created pages would be the icing on the cake for sure. For example drop down options, field insert options, form inserts etc… to include options to present to your users in their admins. maybe like a comments so they can interact with you from these newly created pages. The option to add content just like in a post, videos images and all. Actually the same wysiwyg editor would be SWEEEET!

Hoping that there will be enough interest for this option that you will want to develop this for us.

So, if you read this and you like the idea, please make sure to add your desire for this option so the demand will get realized.


Tony V