reverse Q&A + ACF + question post link


my message just got deleted by clicking outside of the popup…

… 2nd take: here goes,

theory approach:

admins need to be able to ask questions to specific posts

(linked by id and category or tag)

for convenience i want to edit and show these questions inside custom fields of the parent post.

initially i need to be able to add an ACF repeater field inside the post and dynamically create new ( or update etc.)

a custom post of type “question” as well as set up the necessary parent connection.

i found these links – that i think will let me do this i think

i prefer having an additional argument for the questions containg the parent id ( rather than using a categorie or tag for every parent )

can i use existing plugin methods to create and update the questions?

can i extend these methods with arguments for the parent link without altering the core files?

– likely i can just use the wp native parent field for that ..will have to try

i noticed the post_parent is in the question WP_POST object but not displayed in the backend

how could i add this – without altering the core files.

is there a more detailed documentation

or just the plugins “usage” page and comment inside the files?

any hooks / shortcodes ?

another way could be to save the link to the question inside the the custom field after creating the question

(ACF offers dropdown style post linkage) but it would be nice to see the parent name in the backend question list view

it is “save link in question” vs “save link in parent”

i prefer: both? XD

once set up, displaying the needed questions with basic query args should be easy

tomorrow i will test my approach

hopefully it works as intended