Rewrite and redirect

Hi there,

I have a client with multiple domain to use on one site for multilanguage switch.

He has .no, .ru, .pl, .gr, biz and .com, and .com is used as the main site. All other domains is redirected in domain level to ‘.com/no/’, ‘.com/ru/’..

He has landing pages for no, ru, pl, gr and en, so using ‘.com/no’ or ‘.no/’ both goes to ‘.com/no/’.

The landing page has one more parameter called ‘promo’, and the url ‘.no/house/’ is redirected to ‘.com/no/house/’ and rewritten to ‘.com/index.php?pagename=no&promo=house’

Then the problem:

Using the url ‘.com/house’ fails because the page ‘house’ not exist, but what I want is to either redirect or rewrite this url to ‘.com/en/house’.

So, I have to check the ‘/house/’ if this is not ‘no|ru|pl|gr|biz’, and then add a ‘/en/ to the url like this ‘.com/en/house/’.