rss-network not displaying in the EDU-Clean Theme

HI I’ve enabled the feed networks in the edu-theme options and added feeds. It appears that the rss-network feed is not working. I’ve examined the front-left.php and <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/rss-network.php’:wink:; ?> is at the bottom of the page yet no feeds are displayed that I’ve added to the options display. You can view my site at I’ve been struggling quite a bit to get my global-posts global-blogs etc on the front page of EDU like in the sidebar. I’ve searched the web and the forums and the only advice I’ve received is that I need to widgetize the front page. How to do that or where to look for information I have no Idea. So I’m trying to get this template to work like I think it is supposed to and can’t seem to get the feeds to show up. Any help would be a blessing.