Searching for a theme template


I have to create transform a photoshop file to a theme for my company. The design is ready and now the adaption to the theme should follow. I am searching themforest up and down but cannot find a theme that fits the layout. Maybe someone knows a theme with the following layout that is available to buy.


Horizontal Navigation,

Content slider (each of these three have full width and the content is within a centered 960px width)

Then the body within the 960px range

Footer1 and Footer2 also have full width and the content is within the 960px.

The theme is going into the right direction but I would be happy if I could find a theme that looks more professional developed.

Hint: I hope that the question is not to stupid but I need to find a theme that fits the requirements above and I am unfortunately not allowed to post the design as image. So I hope that someone gets an idea of what I am searching for and can give some advice which theme fits the principal layout.

Thanks a lot