Security Plugins – over and above Bulletproof security

Hi all,

I had an unfortunate hacking incident come to light today, and I can’t believe how little I knew about the vunerabilities of WP. Yes I know you probably all know about it, but I must admit I’m now in a state of stress and confusion over the plethora of security plugins out there.

I’ve done the usual, updated WP and all my plugins and got rid of all the folders of things I’d uploaded to try then just never bothered to delete (yes I know… I hang my head in shame now I’m aware)… and started looking for plugins.

Soooo… I followed the info on which was mentioned on another thread – and I installed the Bulletproof security plugin.

All the other plugins mentioned tho, are not tested with the newest version of WP and I’ve had enought of a panicky day without installing one and my site disappearing.

As I don’t really understand whats the Bullet Proof security actually does… (I’m sorry I’ve read it yes I know it does great things for the htaccess files but I’m still non the wiser)… are there any other MUST HAVES that I nned to put on this website, and also all my other WP sites?

What do you guys install before you do absolutely anything on a site build to get your security covered?

As usual, any help at all would be greatfully received… as I’m feeling awfully lost and bewildered right now.

BTW – after the wordpress update my multisite dashboard is now so different I’m confused there too…. so am I right in thinking I can;t now just upload a plugin on an individual site, it have to be done at the network admin level? If so do I now need to do the set-up of those plugins AGAIN on my other sites on the network? Sooooooo confused…