Selling blogs on MultiSite


I’m setting up a multisite install that will sell blogs on sub-domains. The plan is that there will be only ONE theme available.

A new blog owner will pay a onetime set up fee to receive their blog and then a monthly fee going forward. The blog will be set up for them and turned over to them to manage.

Their blog will come loaded with the following plugins…

1. Directory

2. Classifieds

3. Events +

4. Fundraising

5. Google Maps

The simple idea is to provide new blog owners with a site that is essentially, a local online directory that they can market to their immediate town/city/neighborhood/community etc.

The monthly cost will be low and the site will be built for them allowing them to focus on adding content, sales and marketing.

1. What plugins do I need to have installed on the parent site to sell these local directory blogs?

2. Do I need Pro Sites?

3. Do I need Domain Mapping?

I have read and re-read the descriptions for these plugins and I’m continuing to read and to research but… I must admit to being confused. If anyone can offer some guidance then I surely would appreciate any and all comments or suggestions.

Thank you :slight_smile:

PS – the parent site is: and a customer would buy a blog for their local area (ie. Kalamazoo)

Their site would now be:

The blog owner is responsible for selling local listings, classifieds etc and adding/managing all content on:

Domain Mapping will allow the blog owner to rename their site as they see fit.