Server side cron for specfic times and leaving wp-cron enabled (command to use for server side)?

Hi there,

We would like to leave the WP-Cron enabled on WordPress (so it does its thing in WP and any other plugins), but add a couple of server side cron jobs to trigger WP-Cron a few specific times as well (for example, we must send out a Subscribe By Email digest of the last weeks posts at precisely, or very close to, 6:30 am CST time every Monday morning).

So, the question is, for the server side “Command” will the following work (and look good to you):

Server-Side Cron Command:

wget > /dev/null 2>&1

Or, is there a better command to use for this to have it trigger WP-Cron so it executes on pending items?

Thanks folks,