Service at a particular time not working – allows double booking.

I currently offer 4 services through Appointments +. For one service, I only want it to be offered on a certain day of the week at a certain time.

I have set up a dummy service provider who only works on the particular day / time I want to offer that particular service and I have set up a shared location as all services are offered from my home office and set it that only one service can be offered at a time from this location.

I assumed when I booked this particular service it would block out that time for all of the other services (since they are all offered at the same location), but it doesn’t. I am still able to book other services offered at the same time through the main service provider account.

How do I set it up so I can offer a service at a special time through a dummy service account and ensure no other services from the main service provider account can be booked at the same time?


EDITED: I’ve tried to include this in the Appointments+ forum, but it won’t allow me. :slight_frown: