Setting up Directory exactly like the demo


I would like to set up the directory plugin just like you have it in the demo. What exactly did you guys use to get that look and fell please.

Would really like that simple clean approach.

On a more serious note: I have heard this so often from many people. Your Live Support – some of your tech guys are irresponsible as support people. On previous occasions I have noticed that Live Support people will often miss their time slots. And I understand it volunteer and things happen. But so often they login at the hour they are suppose to and then if no one shows up in the first 15 minutes they disappear. Like today two people ask for support, its Sunday S.H. is suppose to be in the room from 9am – 10 am he shows up says hello and then vanishes.

This is really hard on members, since you have limited time slots for live help. Someone i.e. James, might just have a nice word with these guys and tell them to commit or get of the pot mate.

thank you for your ongoing support

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14 th October 2012

S H Mohanjith

S H Mohanjithat 9:03 am


S H Mohanjith

S H Mohanjithat 9:03 am

How can I be of help?


Enigmamediaat 9:21 am



Enigmamediaat 9:22 am

I am trying to configure the DIRECTORY plugin. I would like to know which theme is used in the live demo


Enigmamediaat 9:24 am

Hi S H,


birukzakat 9:25 am

Hello S H, sometimes i’m having a trouble downloading a downloadable product from marketpress products, when i click the download button after i purchased it says the page might have been removed


Enigmamediaat 9:29 am

Doesn’t look like S H stuck around for the full hour!


Enigmamediaat 9:30 am

My biggest complaint about Live Support – they either miss the appointment time or leave if no one shows up within the first 15 minutes.