Setting up Protected Content plug in

Hi, I don’t know if it’s me being dense or that it’s a Saturday evening & I’m supposed to be going to a party but… I cannot get the Protected Content plug in to do what I want it to do!

I’m setting up a website for a training company. They do a lot of their stuff online, distributing course materials, pdfs video etc.

I would like for my client to upload the files as media, then as one of their clients purchases the training, they create a post with the related media attached. That post is then only available to a specific membership.

What I was envisaging for this plug in, is that my client set up a membership per company that they provide training for. Then set up a wordpress user for each person in the company taking the training. I thought I would then need to make each user a member of whichever membership/company they were part of.

However, none of this seems to work in the way that I’m envisaging. Have I got the right understanding of how the plug in works?