Several Supporter questions


I just have a few questions about the “supporter” plugin:

1. How do deactivate the supporter status of a blog manually?

2. What happens when the member does not renew his supporter membership? Is his blog still live to

the public?

3. I’m using the supporter-write script, can I extend the restriction to include “editing”?

4. I would like to offer a premium theme. If the member does not renew his supporter membership,

and he used the premium theme for his blog, does it now revert back to the default theme? If

yes, if he renews later, would his settings for the premium theme be reinstated?

5. Is there a way to offer a lower fee for the trial then to leave it at free?

6. Does this plugin keep transaction IDs for each payment?

7. Is there a way I can add a message at the top in the admin area to notify a person that their blog

is no longer supporter blog and to renew click here or something along the lines.

Thanks in advance.

~ Lina.