Sharing Language Pack


Hiya folks,

Here some WPMUDEV members join different country.And everyone work some projects…

Maybe some project global,maybe local… but, generally you need to translate some plugins.

For example,I’m from Turkey and I’m adding language packs some plugin.I guess,there are some members in the same situation with me.

I think,

1- Could WPMUDEV create a new category in this forum about Language Packs.

2- volunteers, translate the language packs and then add under the WPMUDEV/Forum/language-packs. (Maybe you encourage to give more rep point for translate topics.)

3-Developers follow this topics and they will add lang pack for next release.(so when plugin update we don’t need to restore our lang pack)

This is my opinion,

I’m happy…you happy…WPMUDEV’s happy :slight_smile: more freedom :slight_smile:

I wonder,What you think about this idea?


– Mustafa