Sharing WPMU Blog Registrations Plugin

I just uploaded a new plugin to that may be useful to you. I know many have complained about this.

It allows people to register for an individual blog using the normal registration process. In WPMU all registrations are forwarded to wp-signup.php, so it is impossible for a visitor to register for only a sub-blog. This plugin overrides WPMU and restores the default WordPress registration page for sub-blogs (


  • Compatible with plugins like Register Plus to control registrations.
  • You can edit the default user role sitewide (subscriber, author, etc.).
  • You can also control whether users can adjust their own blog registration settings.
  • If users can control their own registration settings, a menu with that option appears under Users->User Registrations.
  • Does not affect main blog. Registrations there are maintained at wp-signup.php.

Check it out: