Shopping Cart Text Appears at Page Top – Catalyst Theme

Been testing MarketPress with WPML for a week now with no joy yet.

Waiting on WPML for main problem of possible incompatibility (?), but to save time, I do have a theme query that you may be able to help with. This problem appears with/without WPML.

(1) Products pages appear to work fine, but as soon as user gets to Shopping Cart and beyond, the Optional Text from Settings appears at top of html page, and not within cart content itself.

Looking with Firebug shows the text is sitting immediately after the <body> tag with no elements/anything to accompany it. All on its own.

(2) The WPML language switcher than changes its style when moving to Shopping Cart and beyond. Changes from drop-down box to list view. This also may be theme issue?

Here is test site where you can see this: (note .co not .com!)

Have two other test sites running trying to solve major WPML-MarketPress issues. But all sites have this text placement problem. :slight_frown:

Any comments or experience with this problem? The Catalyst theme is surely one if the best out there.