Shortcodes rather than templates

I’ve tried and tried to get MarketPress to work with the Tatami theme by Elmastudio:

I gave up, could not get it working properly. Wouldn’t it be easier just to have shorts codes? I managed to make one for the shopping cart and it would actually display, but of coarse the links would not point to the page with the short code.


MarketPress – [mp_show_cart] short code


add_shortcode(‘mp_show_cart’, ‘mp_show_cart_sc’:wink:;

function mp_show_cart_sc($atts) {


‘context’ => ”,

‘checkoutstep’ => ”,

‘echo’ => ”

), $atts));

mp_show_cart($context = ”, $checkoutstep = null, $echo = true);



MarketPress – [mp_order_status] short code


add_shortcode(‘mp_order_status’, ‘mp_order_status_sc’:wink:;

function mp_order_status_sc($atts) {



How can I make the shopping cart work properly only using short codes?