Show a different message based on the quiz scores.

Can I make a quiz with Forminator, in which I assign a value/”score” to each answer, and then depending on the sum total of all values, the user gets a different message?

Let’s say I have a set of 4 questions, and each question, in turn, have 4 radio button options: Option 1 has a value of “0”; Option 2 has a value of “20”; 3 of “30” and 4 of “40”. Question 2 also has 4 options with similar values, and so on.

If the sum total of the Values of the chosen Options falls within certain ranges (say from 50 to 100, 101 to 200, 201 to 300 and so on), I’d like the users to be redirected to unique URLs with content based on each range. Can this be done?