Showing only partial list of events on calendar (until I hit next or previous)

Hey there WPMU,

We're using the events+ plugin for the following website ( and our members are inputing events themselves. All of this is working great, but the glitch that's happening is when we go to the events archive page to view the calendar ( and the calendar is only partially full (visibly anyway…see "partial.jpg" screenshot).

This calendar is actually much fuller. If I refresh (or shift +refresh) this does not solve the problem. It does depend on the browser because I've had issues with mac firefox, mac chrome and the iPad safari browser.

If I want to see all the entries, I have to hit either the "next" or "previous" buttons (and then the opposite one again to go back to the month I was originally on) and then ALL of the calendar entries show up (see "full after previous and next.jpg" screenshot).

We're not sure what to do and this is now live to the public…we would LOVE some assistance on this!

Thanks so much and let us know if you need credentials or anything.

~The Control Yours Team