Simple Press Forums topics disappearing

This is a post to assist anyone that may be having problems running Simple Press Forum where their topics disappear and return a template page with a blank work area.

An upgrade to Simple Press Forums (SPF) may require you to “update” your permalinks to default and back again. However, if you have installed the WPMUDEV permalink hider, then you can’t do that. additionally, you can’t run Buddy Press with default permalinks.

Work around:

– Upgrade your Simple Press Forum, per their instructions

– Go to your mu-plugins dir and move “remove-permalinks-menu-item.php” to your hard drive and then delete the file

– Deactivate Buddy Press

– Go to Settings | Permalinks and toggle it to Default, and wait for your site to update.

– Switch your Permalinks back to your non-default preference

– Go to Forum | WP integration, click Update Forum Permalink (that’s in SPF’s FORUM admin panel, not BuddyPress’ “Forums”:wink:

– Now click “Update WP Integration” at the bottom of the Forum | WP integration page

– Reactivate Buddy Press.

– Optionally re-add the “remove-permalinks-menu-item.php” to your mu-plugins folder

All should work now.