Simple text widget with admin panel setting


I have looked on the web, but not found, this:

I’d welcome a text widget much like the default existing kind, with the twist of being able to add the content, not in the widget itself, once moved into on of the widgtized areas, BUT rather, I’d like the content to be set from the settings panel.

This is because I don’t let my users into the widget menu, however I would like them to be able to copy past their own skype button (for example) into this widget that I will have already placed into a sidebar.

So I’d set the headline of the widget in the widget area and the user can copy past their skype button.

Current skype plugins I found too complicated.

So it would need to allow JavaScript I think,

Does anyone have such a plugin? Or know of it’s existence?

I’ve look at a few tutorials on the web but I don’t have th skills to create this myself I’m afraid.