Site broken after updating Avatars and Anti-Splog.

After updating our site with the latest Anti-Splog 1.0.6 and Avatars 3.5.2 our entire site fails to load. I’ve removed all files for both plugins and the site still stops loading all content, it seems, at the point where the first avatar usually displays.

Upon updating the Anti-Splog plugin I got this error, and just found this in the log:

[error] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ust_show_widget() in /home/triblogs/public_html/wp-content/plugins/anti-splog/anti-splog.php on line 123, referer:

But like I said, ALL files for both plugins have been deleted. Yet all pages still load only the header and stop. Everything was functioning fine prior to the attempted plugin updgrades.

Upon update of either of these plugins, was anything altered in the database that I can fix? I tried reinstalling the previous versions of both, to no avail. Any other suggestions? I’m so glad I was doing this on our test site first!