Site Builder / Setup Wizard for Pro Sites


Hi there

I’m looking to start using Pro Sites for a particular niche.

One of the key features would ideally be a “setup wizard” process that anyone signing up would go through.

I’d envisage that would guide them step-by-step through the process of choosing a theme, choosing the “features” (plugins), creating some initial pages, uploading a logo, and setting up their menus. All that initial stuff that you’d have to go into various tabs to figure out, condensed into a step-by-step wizard.

My question is, do you currently have a plugin that will help with this, or have you heard of one that would integrate nicely already with Pro Sites?

I’m pretty familiar with the plugin-coding process, so if nothing currently exists then I may well have to build it myself (I’m sure it’s a feature many existing members would be interested in) but I’m just checking you guys don’t either have something already or have something in the pipeline.