Site Slower Than Ever, Would Setting Up AWS CDN With W3 Total Cache Help?


I wrote about a week ago asking for help with my extremely slow site.

You kindly looked and made some recommendations at that time. I have since implemented them but, unfortunately, my site speed is worse than ever. I have now lost most of my images and videos as well.

I had begun using WP SuperCache then but have since been told that W3 Total Cache is the better alternative. The problem is, I don’t know now how to best configure it, if purchasing it would be the best option, and if setting up an AWS CDN account would make a significant improvement or what the costs involved would be for either.

I purchased a CDN plugin several years ago and do have it installed and activated. I did use it for a while with my book sales and do not remember having such speed issues back then. I now have a new hosting provider and don’t know if that could be part of the problem. Is the AWS CDN also necessary (although I may need that even to use the plugin I have activated).

I desperately need help and hope you can answer these questions and help me configure the Total Cache plugin if that’s an available service, included in membership, that you now provide.

I also have found that there is a bad link on my site that I am referring visitors to from somewhere. Is there a way to trace back from the bad link to the article from which they’re being referred so I can correct it?

Can you help?!!

Thank you.