Site wide categories along with dynamic content

I’d like to have the latest posts from a designated group of blogs within a wpmu+BP network to appear on the main site. The main site uses the BP-MU theme and the network currently consists of six (6) blogs that I want content to pull from. So what I’d like to do is add the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin to the Panel-Home.php file in place of the default image. Once this is done I need to know how I’d make it so that the categories I choose are site wide? So if one blog is a video I’d like the latest video post to appear, same for the next blog and so on.

So far I’ve come across the following:

1. Post Indexer

2. Recent Global Author Posts Feed

3. Recent Global Comments Widget

4. Recent Global Posts Widget (Should I be adding this to the Panel-home.php file?)

5. Recent Global Comments Feed

6. Recent Global Posts Feed

A google search on site wide categories produced the “WPMU Site Wide Categories”

I’m hoping to get feedback on the most logical approach to this method. ANy responses appreciated.