Sitewide Tags Blank Page on some words.

Hi guys,

Just for some backstory, I installed a fresh copy of MU/Buddypress followed immediately by installing the post indexer plugin and then the sitewide tags plug in.

Now here is the issue. Some tags that begin with certain letters will render a blank page. For example two tags I have would be: ‘Featured’ and ‘Great’ all the tags will show on the page, and if you click on featured all the posts with that tag will show, however if you click on great, a blank page is shown.

This drove me mad as it seemed to be totally random as to what tags work and show the list of posts when clicked and what tags did not work and showed a blank page. Seriously, I was pulling out hair.

What I discovered in the end is that ANY TAG that starts with the letters A, G, S, or T will be blank.

it doesn’t matter how long, or short, if it’s one word or multiple words, if it contains a number or if it’s inputed as lower or upcase, if the word begins with A,G,S,T the tag page renders blank.

Since this was a fresh install and the only plugins set up I’m guessing others may have this same problem and possibly not even have noticed it yet if you have a lot of tags.

So… how can I fix it. :smiley: