SmartCrawl Sitemaps Not Excluding Taxonomies


I’ve done some searching around the forums but can’t seem to find a solution for this. The problem that I am having is that I have set the SmartCrawl settings to exclude all taxonomies, tags, categories, etc. I just want posts and pages included in my site map (and products).

Everything is working fairly well in that regard except for the fact that I am still getting a couple of weird taxonomies listed in my sitemap such as: “nav_menu” (which is obviously used for menu locations in my theme) and “link category” even though I am not using WP Links and “product_type=simple”.

All of these are just query strings running against my homepage and they show no unique content because the homepage of my site is set to a static page. I’m worried about duplicate content issues and wondering how I can go about removing these things from the generated sitemap?

Sitemap URL: