Snapshot plugin not running (manual or Once daily)

Hi, Snapshot isnt working. I noticed it because I tried to do a manual backup and nothing happened. I tried several times and nothing. I waited over night to see if the ONce daily automatic backup would happen – No, it didnt.

I then went in to the Amazon S3 setup, this time it located my bucket for some reason, when all the previous efforts failed, so I had resighed to just having local server backups.

Anyway, once I sorted the S3 setup I went back and tried a manual backup, again it failed to run. And I checked my S3 bucket – nothing has arrived.

Also today when I tried the manual backup, I saw it said Last backup was June 3rd, and the next would be on June 4th, even though today is the 5th. After I sorted out the Amazon S3 issue the date of the next scheduled backup changed to the 5th. But as I said manual backups wont run.

Can someone take a look at this please?