[Snapshot Pro] Custom filename on Zip exports


Create a manual snapshot for a destination like Google Docs. The Zip filename is not related to the snapshot, and neither are folder names within the Zip.

For a full backup I get a folder name as FQDN.

Individual backups in that folder again have FQDN_7hexbytes.zip.

The CSV file in that folder only includes info about the SQL tables.

Since the hex ID isn’t displayed in the plugin UI or log, I see nothing to relate the name that we assigned in the plugin UI to the data we got in return, other than the timestamps of the zips.

Please create an option to use a different format for the zip filenames. One option, my preference, would include FQDN_snapshotname_timestamp.zip. That helps us to relate the filename to the log.

My application: While we are working on a site, we want to get occasional snapshots of a moment in time. The names will be version IDs that we assign which might correlate to Git repo branches or commits. I just did a snapshot with name v0.1.2. I want to be able to restore that, with overlay onto the current environment or into a completely separate environment so that we can compare the versions (of course being careful about servers, database names, etc.