[Snapshot Pro] restore from incremental backup date point

what is the purpose of having an incremental back up, but not being able to restore from incremental backup points or dates? 

MUDEV auto update broke some of the plugins on 5 website and i contacted support couple of days ago.

While he was helping me to restore he said your latest update is from 20 days ago & that was the only restoring point.

we restored 3 sites from the host because they had the latest updates.

i have been having issues data size of the backups and data storage, then i was advised its incremental backup 

now i realise ITS ONLY incremental back up not incremental restore. 

i really need to come up to a final conclusion on this as it has taken up too much of time. 
A- Should I keep using snap shot pro

B- Go back to what I was using before?