So Check This Out!!! This is a MUST READ!!!

I would really like to start this one with a WT with the the 6th letter of the English alphabet in there, but I am going to behave for once in my life!

The site that I was having issues with the multisite working earlier, (see post “NOT A “MAIN DOMAIN” INSTALL – DOMAIN MAPPING NOT WORKING:wink: now I know that there might be more to this!

Now check this out! If I click on “My Sites -> “site name” it then takes me to the web view of the main site.

If I go to “” (that has actually been changed), then it takes me to that sites Dashboard and I can make the changes needed.

I can type in “” and get that website.

In the “My Sites” when holding the pointer over the link it does say “”, but then while loading it redirects to “”.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this? I first thought that maybe it was the “Text Replacement” of Branda, but when deactivating that the same thing happens.

Please! This is NOT happening on my multisite that does not have any of the WPMUDEV plugins installed yet, so I have to assume that is what is causing this. I just can’t track down which one.

Maybe it is Defender and the “Masked Login Area”?

All I know is that something is very wrong here! I went through the steps to create this on it’s own cPanel install, and all of the emails to go with the domains.

If anyone has an idea of a fix, I am open to suggestions. I will not be offering any Scooby Treats this time. I will however offer you a really BIG THANK YOU and I will also offer to put an ad on my ad server! (I only get about 4k visitors a month right now across my sites, but its better than nothing!)

Thanks for reading my ramblings, I know I might want to cut back on the caffeine!

Todd S,
That Strange & Crazy Guy in out the Sticks
(Yes, animals out number people here like 20 to 1.)