So I am using E-Newsletter Subscribe by Email RSS to Inbox

So I am using


Subscribe by Email RSS to Inbox


Membership Communication

1st – It would be much more convenient and clean to have the E-Newsletter take a Subscribe by Email Sign Up and just have it be a group. 2 email signups is confusing and not very appealing to anyone.

2nd and most important – It would be so nice if the widget could disappear or have something else besides what it has for a logged in user. I think it looks good for a unlogged in user, but the logged in user sees… I dont want to constantly have an unsubscribe in front of their face. I want them to subscribe and have it be out of their mind. If they have subscribed I would prefer it be a widget to get them to try to subscribe again just like the unsubscribed/unloggedin person sees. If the whole thing could just dissapear like the hidden content levels for subscribed and unsubscribed users in Membership that would be wonderful!

This is what shows on the page even when I have the show groups box unchecked. Why is does it still show up when I have it unchecked?:

“Subscribe to:



3- It would be optimal if a custom login form could be created like Wysija or MailChimp. One that could be used in a widget area or shortcoded on to a page.