So I have been reading extensively and can't seem to find


So I have been reading extensively and can’t seem to find a good solution.

Are we still at square 1.1 with this global grid display?

This topic has been started around 3 years ago and has not really shown any sign of improvement.

This should really be supported as it is a feature that one would expect out of the box.

The point of a global shortcode is to gather products across sites and list them. If these sites were all managed by one person it would be easy to just create pics and totally style it the way you want and just link the images or buttons to that product page where the styling isn’t as bad.

But since most people think of multisite as an opportunity to offer space on a network, the above option is not ideal! Ideally we should be able to automatically fetch products globally and list them on whatever page in an eye-pleasing way.

I’ve read themeing marketpress, but not really sure how it applies to this as all it is is instructional text with no photos to show potential.

If I am misunderstanding something please point me in the right direction :slight_smile: