Some bugs and problems!

This is a great plugin but it needs some additional love!

> On the listing of a fundraiser there is no progress bar. When I add [progress_bar …] to the fundraiser, all of a sudden I have 2/two progress bars. A slim one and a fat one.

Haha, just found out. When I change “Allow per fundraiser checkout types?” to “Yes” all of a sudden the fundraiser has a different theme and the progess bar show up?! Seems to be a bug.

> fundraiser edit page / Email Settings: The specified Email is not showing up anymore after saving the fundraiser. When I switch to “No”, then back to “Yes” it shows up again BUT with the default text.

> When user is changing the reward level via the radio buttons, the value of the input field is only upgrading, not downgrading. It should clearly show the value that matches the radio button. Otherwise it is a really BAD user experience.