Some holiday themes

Here’s a zip with 6 holiday/winter themes for your install. They are all currrently running on my own install at HSJ. Two themes are by Ron and I.

They include as follows:

Atypical Christmas (theme options and changeable header)

Winter (theme options. I don’t know why I didn’t add the header option here.)

Christmas 1

Vermillion Christmas

Iceburrg (header option)

Red Xmas Ornament (header option)

They *should* be okay. Just make sure to enable them on a test blog and have a look just to double-check.

I’m sure some or a lot of the code is not quite up to Luke’s standards ;P, but they’ll do. I found a few more holiday themes, but some need work to be enjoyable in the MU environment (TABLES in the sidebar??) and a couple were just plain ugly. (1.2 meg) Let me know if there’s any issues and I’ll fix them ASAP.

(hope this is okay Andrew)