Spammed blog disappears from BuddyPress table. Is this an Anti-Splog or BP issue?

Hi Aaron,

I ran across a problem and need help to figure out whether the issue lies with Anti-Splog or BuddyPress.

On a local install, I have WP 3.1, BuddyPress 1.2.8 and Anti-Splog 1.0.7

I create 2 subdomain blogs in succession from one user. The first is spammed, but appears in the Site list as expected. I also see the blog id in the BuddyPress table wp_bp_user_blogs – so far so good.

The second blog is also spammed and I note that it also appears in the Site list and the wp_bp_user_blogs table.

The problem is that on creation of the second blog, the first blog’s entry is removed from the wp_bp_user_blog table!

Unspamming either or both blogs from the Site list does not recover this entry from the table and this first blog is never again accessible by the user.

Is Anti-Splog causing or directing BuddyPress to remove the first blogs’s entry from wp_bp_user_blogs? Or is this purely a BuddyPress issue with Anti-Splog simply marking the blogs and letting BP decide what to remove?