image profanity moderation


specifically for a pretty open BuddyPress site using something like rtmedia where users are allowed to upload images freely;

how can we prevent the sickos, pervs and freaks (hehe sad but true, lets be real there is always a few around) from uploading disturbing images.

of course these days “disturbing” is subjective apparently.

so lets say the most obvious, porn, naked, rude images.

i checked out the following ;

and they have integration with Cloudinary;

but its not “automatic” in the sense of scanning/processing/moderating in real time.

actual real life people moderate the images and they supposedly guarantee 5 minutes/per image,

but its either the image has to take 5 minutes to hit the site or members get to see “gazongas”, “melons”, “fun bags”, etc. for 5 minutes before the image is blocked.

neither of which is perfect in my opinion.

we have the amazing “WP Smush Pro” and many other plugins that can optimise, compress, add effects, edit, distribute to AWS etc. instantly on upload.

so is this out of the ordinary or technically difficult ?

anyone aware of other plugins/services that can auto moderate images in this manner that i am trying to describe ?

the idea being ZERO tolerance !!!

ABSOLUTELY NO “gazongas”, “melons”, “fun bags”, etc. for young eyes (hehe)

the process should be instant for artificially recognising, allowing, blocking etc.

any kind feedback and thoughts here would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards.